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3-4 Person Tunnel Tent

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More Than Just a Tent

Discover the ultimate outdoor companion with our 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent! Designed for the adventurous spirit, this tent blends comfort, durability, and practicality, creating the perfect base for your outdoor escapades. Whether you’re a family on a camping trip, friends on a hiking expedition, or an individual seeking solitude in nature, this tent is your reliable shelter.


Key Features

Our tent boasts a robust construction with a focus on weather resistance and space. The external tent is made from 150D Polyester Oxford Silver-Coated Cloth with a PU2000mm waterproof rating, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. The inner tent, crafted from 63D 210T Polyester Cloth, offers a cozy retreat after a day of exploration. With a sizeable footprint of 570x310x195cm and an inner height of 195cm, this tent offers ample room for 3-4 people, making it ideal for families or small groups.


Special Attributes

What sets our tent apart is its unique car tail tunnel design, providing an additional space for storage or an extended living area. This feature makes it perfect for car camping trips, offering convenience and flexibility. The tent is also equipped with a removable partition, allowing for customizable space utilization.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Room

  • Spacious Interior: Ample room for 3-4 persons, ensuring comfort for the whole group.
  • Weather-Resistant: High waterproof ratings on both the external and bottom tent materials keep you dry in varying weather conditions.
  • Car Tail Tunnel Design: Connects seamlessly to your car, offering extra space and convenience.
  • Easy to Set Up: Comes with aluminum alloy poles and clear instructions for quick assembly.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for camping, hiking, road trips, and outdoor festivals.


Unique Outdoor Experience

This tunnel tent is ideal for three-season camping, providing comfort and protection in various weather conditions. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy car camping, hiking, or even festivals, offering a reliable and versatile shelter solution.

Why Choose This Tent?

Our tent stands out with its unique blend of spaciousness, weather resistance, and versatile design. Whether you’re setting up camp in the wilderness, by the beach, or at a festival, this tent ensures a comfortable, secure, and enjoyable outdoor experience. The easy-to-set-up design makes it suitable for both beginners and seasoned campers.

Get Yours Today!

Ready for your next adventure? Add this 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent to your outdoor gear and elevate your camping experience. Shop now and embrace the great outdoors with confidence and comfort!

56 reviews for 3-4 Person Tunnel Tent

  1. Jonathon Gutkowski

    This camping haven is a game-changer, offering ample space, reliability, and a comfortable environment for group outings

  2. Maeve Gulgowski

    Love this shelter! It’s roomy, weatherproof, and perfect for camping with friends. Set up is straightforward and quick

  3. Lora O'Connell

    This outdoor shelter has transformed our camping trips into luxurious outdoor experiences. The interior is surprisingly spacious, easily accommodating our group and camping essentials. Its sturdy construction and weatherproof features stood up against heavy rain and strong winds, providing us with peace of mind during our wilderness explorations. Setting it up was a breeze, and its lightweight design made it a perfect companion for our hiking adventures. The attention to detail, from the high-quality materials to the functional layout, demonstrates the manufacturers’ commitment to outdoor enthusiasts’ needs. It’s a fantastic investment for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable, and durable outdoor living space

  4. Everett Rutherford

    I found this tent satisfactory.

  5. Malvina Grant

    Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this structure provides generous space, excellent weather resistance, and is incredibly user-friendly. Made our camping experience delightful

  6. Glenda Abshire

    Perfect for family trips, this camping shelter combines roominess with robust construction, ensuring a cozy stay in nature

  7. Emmanuelle Kris

    This tent is quite nice, though it requires two people for assembly.

  8. Emelie Green

    Discovering the perfect camping solution for my group was a game-changer with this ingeniously designed outdoor shelter. It comfortably fits three to four adventurers, offering a generous living and sleeping area that defies its compact appearance. The quality of construction is evident in every element, from the tear-resistant fabric to the sturdy poles and pegs that anchor it securely in various terrains. What sets it apart is its intuitive design, which facilitates quick and easy assembly and disassembly, allowing us to spend more time enjoying our natural surroundings. The shelter’s climate adaptability is commendable, providing a cozy refuge in cold conditions and a cool, airy space in warmer weather, thanks to its adjustable ventilation system. The thoughtful inclusion of multiple entry points and windows enhances the usability and enjoyment of the space, ensuring that it feels open and connected to the outdoor environment. Its reliability during inclement weather, combined with the convenience of having a practical, comfortable, and safe outdoor living area, has made each camping trip more enjoyable and stress-free

  9. Lesley Ortiz

    During a weekend outing, we initially struggled with the tent’s setup but eventually managed. It offered good protection once assembled, though the materials and zippers felt flimsy, raising questions about its long-term durability. It seems suitable for infrequent use.

  10. Weston Carter

    This tent offers ample space but is quite heavy, making it less suitable for hiking trips. It held up well under moderate rain for about two hours, with only minor water ingress at the entrance.

  11. Jared Lebsack

    This spacious shelter is perfect for family camping, providing ample room and sturdy protection against the elements. Set up is a breeze

  12. Elizabeth Morar

    Investing in this camping shelter was one of the best decisions for our outdoor excursions. Its generous size comfortably fits our group, offering not just sleeping space but also room for socializing and storage. The tent’s durability is commendable, effectively shielding us from the elements and providing a safe, cozy haven in the great outdoors. Its user-friendly design ensured quick setup and takedown, allowing us more time to enjoy nature. The well-ventilated interior, coupled with the sturdy, weather-resistant construction, makes this shelter a standout choice for any outdoor enthusiast seeking comfort and reliability in the wild

  13. Karolann Runolfsson

    Thrilled with this shelter’s ample space and robust build. It provides a comfortable, weather-proof retreat for our outdoor adventures

  14. Sage Schultz

    If you’re interested in this style tent, I have some notes. First of all, I love it. It’s incredibly versatile. There is an insert that is fully enclosed that attaches to the back half of the outer shell and a separate floor that attaches to the front part of the shell. Basically you can take just the outer shell and sleep on the ground and out of the rain or use all of the parts to make two separate rooms or one room that has an attached porch, with or without a floor. Great for true camping enthusiasts. ALSO… it looks as though the inner, fully enclosed portion can be set up by itself using only two of the three polls and some ingenuity. Like I said, versatile.

  15. Sidney Bailey

    Product look the same as the picture. Good quality and easy to set up. My kid love it.

  16. Cody Yost

    The tent’s size is generous and comfortable, though it lacks some accessories for full functionality as shown in promotional images.

  17. Tyrese Streich

    Our latest camping expedition was elevated to new heights with this exceptional shelter, designed for small groups. It strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and coziness, offering ample room for movement, sleep, and storage without feeling overcrowded. The structural integrity is impressive, withstanding harsh winds and heavy rainfall without a hitch, thanks to its aerodynamic tunnel shape and robust materials. Setting it up was a breeze, even for the less experienced among us, which speaks volumes about its user-friendly design. Inside, the shelter boasts an array of features that enhance the camping experience, including a well-designed living area, ample storage solutions, and excellent ventilation that mitigates condensation effectively. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design, from the durable zippers and reinforced stress points to the adjustable privacy flaps and mesh windows. Its performance in the field was flawless, providing a safe, dry, and comfortable haven that made our outdoor adventure truly memorable. The ease of packing it away and its minimal weight further confirmed that this shelter is a stellar choice for anyone seeking adventure in the great outdoors

  18. Amelie Walsh

    During the first night of rain, the outer layer began to leak, but the inner tent remained intact. More detailed instructions for setup and takedown would be beneficial.

  19. Ted Hermann

    Great tent for the money. Haven’t set it up yet so when I do I’ll put pics n update my review

  20. Devyn Ritchie

    I recently purchased this spacious camping shelter for my family’s outdoor adventures, and it has been nothing short of spectacular. Its tunnel-like design provides ample room for three to four people, allowing us to move around comfortably and store our gear with ease. The assembly process was remarkably straightforward, thanks to the intuitive design and clear instructions. What impressed me the most was its robustness against varying weather conditions; the waterproof and wind-resistant materials kept us dry and secure throughout our camping trip. The ventilation system is thoughtfully designed, ensuring a steady airflow and preventing condensation. Its portability is another plus, making it convenient to transport to different campsites. This shelter has truly enhanced our camping experiences, providing a reliable and comfortable home away from home

  21. Verda Jenkins

    Our recent acquisition of this outdoor shelter has significantly upgraded our camping gear. Designed for small groups, it provides an impressive amount of space and comfort. Its tunnel structure not only maximizes interior space but also contributes to its stability in harsh weather conditions. Assembling it was straightforward, highlighting its practical and user-friendly design. The materials used are of high quality, ensuring both durability and comfort. Its efficient layout, excellent weather resistance, and easy transportability make it a top-notch choice for anyone passionate about the great outdoors, offering an optimal blend of functionality and comfort in a natural setting

  22. Eddie Crist

    For its price, this tent is phenomenal. The spacious vestibule alongside the distinct sleeping area provided an ideal setup for my winter camping adventure with my six-year-old stepson. Managing snow intrusion into sleeping areas is challenging, especially with children, but this was not an issue thanks to the separate “living room” in the vestibule, keeping our sleeping bags clean and dry in the sleeping area. Although I haven’t experienced rain in this tent to testify to its waterproofing, the double-layer design boosted my confidence for winter camping. We remained cozy even at 19 degrees Fahrenheit, and based on the tent’s construction, I anticipate it would handle rain well, given the taped seams.
    However, I have a couple of concerns:

    The zippers seem low-cost and could be better quality. Additionally, the stitching in a few areas seemed subpar.

    I was under the impression the sleeping compartment door had both a mesh and a solid panel to block cold air from the vestibule, but it only has a mesh part. This design means continuous airflow into the sleeping space, which I’d prefer to regulate more effectively than just having an open mesh area.

  23. Aubree Dicki

    Got to campground late so had little time of daylight left. Threw the tent and BAM! DONE. Threw all my family stuff into tent and still had daylight to find wood to get the fire going. Easy setup and easy to put away. Now only if it can fit into a backpack then you can take it out with you anytime

  24. Dawn Little

    I haven’t stayed overnight in it yet but found the setup process straightforward and the materials seem to be of good quality. I’m planning a road trip soon and will provide an update afterwards.

  25. Monique Baumbach

    While nice, the tent lacks durability.

  26. Porter Okuneva

    This camping shelter is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts like us. It offers a perfect balance of space, comfort, and durability. Accommodating our small group without feeling cramped, it has ample space for both sleeping and leisure activities. The tent’s construction is top-notch, withstanding various weather conditions without compromising comfort. The ease of setup and transportability makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned campers and novices. Its well-thought-out design, including effective ventilation and robust weatherproofing, ensures a pleasant and secure outdoor experience, making every camping trip memorable

  27. Demetris Jones

    Tested this tent while tropical storm Ian came through our area. Tent did not leak and withstood wind gusts up to 40 mph with no problem. It is a little difficult to setup by yourself but can be done within 10 minutes.

  28. Jannie Roberts

    My biggest pain point is connecting the inner tent. I left it attached, when I fold it up, for storage.
    I’m 6’2 and a little on the large size. It slept 2 of us, with plenty of room. 3 of us, would be a little snug.
    The best part is the covered ‘porch’ for lack of a better word. We kept our backpacks, shoes and folded up chairs in it.
    it is more of for tailgate camping. Way to heavy for backpacking.
    1 person can set it up but 2 people make it easy.

  29. Pearline Turner

    Just remember that you have to anchor if or if, why else you can’t hold the house on its own.

  30. Howard Thompson

    Embarking on a family camping adventure has never been more enjoyable thanks to our new outdoor shelter. This innovative structure effortlessly accommodates up to four occupants, providing a spacious and comfortable environment that feels like a home away from home. Its tunnel-like design not only maximizes the internal space but also ensures stability and resilience in diverse weather conditions. We found the setup process to be incredibly straightforward, with color-coded poles and easy-to-follow instructions that made assembly quick and hassle-free. The materials used are clearly of high quality, offering excellent waterproofing and wind resistance, which kept us protected and comfortable during a sudden downpour. The tent’s internal layout is well thought out, with pockets and spaces that help keep our gear organized and accessible. Ventilation is another standout feature, with strategically placed vents and doors ensuring a constant flow of fresh air, keeping the interior environment pleasant throughout our stay. Moreover, the shelter’s lightweight design and compact packing size made it an ideal companion for our outdoor explorations, proving that comfort and convenience can go hand in hand

  31. Benton Hermiston

    It’s a moderately light tent, not ideal for backpacking or cycling due to its weight. It fits well on a small 50cc bike but not on larger models. The height is about 4 feet, which is effective against the wind.

  32. Osbaldo Spencer

    I really enjoy this tent but after reading some reviews, I was sure if I would get any leaks, so I took precautions and put a tart over tent for rain. I have no issues, very comfortable tent.

  33. Glenda Ryan

    As an enthusiast of extreme outdoor activities, including sub-zero temperatures and severe snowstorms, I purchased this tent seeking a sheltered space for transitioning from wet or icy gear. While I haven’t tested it in freezing conditions, it has proven reliable during several multi-day camping trips. The material quality isn’t top-notch, yet with careful handling, it remains functional. The tent’s waterproof capabilities were effective during a continuous day and night of rainfall in the Pacific Northwest. It accommodates three people comfortably, with potential to fit four or five in a pinch, making it a dependable option for a group of four. My dog also finds it very agreeable.

  34. Cheyenne Wisozk

    Loved the spacious interior for our family camping trip. Held up well against a rainy night.

  35. Margarette Kris

    The car tail tunnel is a game-changer for extra storage space. Super convenient!

  36. Alexandrea Botsford

    At a festival in the Tennessee Caverns, we found the tent easy to put together, despite the lack of detailed instructions. Despite a tornado warning that forced us to sleep in our cars, the tent impressively withstood the conditions without the guyline attached. Though it’s snug for two people, the added porch area proved to be a convenient and enjoyable feature. I am quite pleased with this purchase.

  37. Mallie Keebler

    Higly recommend 👍👍

  38. Edmond Gerhold

    Perfect for our hiking group. The removable partition was great for privacy.

  39. Marcellus Walker

    Organizing a hiking expedition with friends was made infinitely better with the 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent. From the outset, its spacious design and easy setup made it the perfect base camp for our group. The tent’s ample room allowed us to move around comfortably, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared adventure.

    What we appreciated the most was the tent’s adaptability to our dynamic needs. The car tail tunnel design was a hit, providing us with extra space for our equipment and a shaded area to relax and share meals. This extension of space became the heart of our campsite, a place where we gathered to plan our hikes and unwind after a day’s adventure.

    The tent’s weather resistance was equally commendable. Facing varying conditions, from wind to rain, the tent stood firm, its materials offering us a safe haven against the elements. The high waterproof ratings ensured that we stayed dry, making our camping experience enjoyable rather than a struggle against nature.

    In conclusion, the 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent has not only met but exceeded my expectations. It’s more than just a tent; it’s a portable home that brings comfort, durability, and a touch of luxury to the outdoor experience. Whether for a family camping trip, a friends’ hiking expedition, or a solo retreat into nature, this tent proves to be an indispensable companion. Its blend of practicality, ease of use, and weather resistance makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors with confidence and comfort. Ready to embark on your next adventure? This tent is the first step towards unforgettable experiences in the wild.

  40. Rex Towne

    The material feels durable and sturdy. Confident it will last many trips.

  41. Abbey Kulas

    Ideal for car camping. The tunnel design connected easily to our SUV.

  42. Kristian Gibson

    This tent is easy to use and is a nice size. Set up is pretty quick and I was able to do it by myself. You can technically fit 4 people with room in the front for all your camping stuff.
    My favorite part of this tent is the foyer section at the entrance. This is great for storing stuff and keeping the rain off of everything. I also like that it folds down very compactly and fits easily into its carrying case.

  43. Madge Moore

    Set it up for a beach camping weekend. Provided excellent shelter and ventilation.

  44. Reta Davis

    This is a really nice tent. It’s definitely big on the inside. It’s a 4 person adult tent. It definitely keeps the sun out. I recommend this product.

  45. Brycen Borer

    Excellent quality!

  46. Mohammad Durgan

    Excellent design and layout. For the bedroom it has a double layer to prevent condensation inside. Once the dome is installed, the bedroom can be easily placed and removed to have all the free space for children to play or cook inside the tent. The lobby is spacious and has several access options. It’s light for its size but the materials are good. It doesn’t look super durable enough for 10 or 15 years but it’s still a very good option. 100% recommended. The first time I was a little confused about the setup, but the second time it was super quick and simple.

  47. Jettie Block

    Slept four of us comfortably with room to spare for our gear.

  48. Milo Marvin

    As someone who cherishes solitude and the serene embrace of nature, the 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent has been a revelation. Its unique car tail tunnel design and the ease of setup allowed me to quickly establish a base in the heart of nature, where I could immerse myself in the tranquil surroundings. The spacious interior was more than just a place to sleep; it became my sanctuary, where I could reflect and unwind in comfort.

    The tent’s weather resistance impressed me the most. During my time in the wilderness, I experienced a variety of weather conditions, from blistering sun to unexpected rain showers. The external tent’s waterproof rating and the cozy inner tent crafted from 63D 210T Polyester Cloth ensured that I stayed comfortable regardless of what the weather threw at me. It’s this reliability that has made the tent my go-to shelter for all my outdoor adventures.

    Moreover, the removable partition offered me the flexibility to customize the space to suit my needs, whether I needed more room for gear or wanted to create a more open, airy environment. This feature, combined with the tent’s overall durability and practicality, underscores its design for not just shelter but an enhanced outdoor living experience. It’s become an essential part of my exploration gear, promising comfort and protection wherever I roam.

  49. Rosendo Ortiz

    Great value for the space and features. Highly recommend for small groups.

  50. Gayle Abbott

    Assembly was a breeze, even in dim light. The poles are high quality.

  51. Axel Legros

    This tent works pretty good, but I’d say it’s more of a 3 man, especially if they are adults. This worked really good though, as it did allow more room in it than a standard round dome tent, so I can’t complain overall. It did provide good wet protection, but just in case it’s always a good idea to use some waterproofing spray to add to it’s waterproofing.

  52. Oscar Feil

    Appreciated the quality of materials used. Feels like it’s built to endure.

  53. Deion Predovic

    The design is well thought out, providing comfort and practicality in the great outdoors.

  54. Will Padberg

    Embarking on a camping journey with the 3-4 Person Outdoor Tunnel Tent was a game-changer for me and my family. From the moment we unpacked this marvel, it was clear that it was designed with the adventurer in mind. The robust construction immediately stood out, offering a promise of durability that’s essential for the unpredictable wilderness. Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to the aluminum alloy poles and straightforward instructions, which was a relief after a long drive to our camping site.

    The spacious interior became our cozy retreat after days filled with hiking and exploration. Its ample room comfortably accommodated my family of four, providing us with the perfect space to relax and bond. The weather resistance of this tent was put to the test during a sudden rainstorm, and it passed with flying colors. The 150D Polyester Oxford Silver-Coated Cloth with a PU2000mm waterproof rating kept us dry and secure, turning what could have been a damp experience into a memorable storm-watching session.

    However, what truly sets this tent apart is its car tail tunnel design. This ingenious feature extended our living space, seamlessly connecting to our car and providing extra storage. It was like having an additional room, one where we stored our gear and even set up a small outdoor kitchen. This versatility made our camping trip not just an outdoor adventure but a comfortable experience that blended the best of nature with the conveniences of home.

  55. Theresia Ziemann

    As someone who frequently embarks on hiking and camping expeditions with friends, finding a tent that balances durability, space, and ease of setup has always been a challenge. This tunnel tent, however, ticks all those boxes and then some. The removable partition is a standout feature, offering privacy when needed without compromising on space. The weather resistance of this tent is remarkable; it held up against not just rain but also strong winds, making it a reliable shelter in various conditions. The ease of connecting it to our car for extra space is a bonus that has come in handy more than once. For groups of friends exploring the great outdoors, this tent provides a comfortable, secure, and versatile home base.

  56. Francisco Kuhn

    While I often camp alone, I appreciate having extra space, especially for longer stays in nature. This tent’s generous footprint and inner height made it feel more like a luxurious retreat than a typical camping tent. The weather resistance impressed me the most, as I’ve stayed completely dry through several storms, a testament to the quality of the materials and construction. The car tail tunnel design, while designed for more than one person, proved useful for storing my gear and keeping the living area uncluttered. Setting up the tent was a breeze, even solo, thanks to the lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy poles. For solo campers or small groups who value comfort, space, and reliability, this tent is an outstanding choice that will enhance any outdoor adventure.

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