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Experience the new way to enjoy the backwoods with a rooftop, tailgate, or truck bed tent

  • What is a rooftop tent and why you need one?

    Rooftop tents elevate your camping experience. They are tents that mount onto your vehicle’s rack system and are an alternative to a ground tent, RV, or camper. They allow you to easily convert any vehicle – car, SUV, crossover, wagon, pickup truck, van, trailer – into a mobile basecamp that is always ready for adventure. Aside from the incredible views and comfy mattress, there are many benefits to using a rooftop tent while camping – either alone or with friends and family.

    Get off the ground: Keep high and dry in any weather.  Also, rooftop tents keep you safe from animals, track less dirt in, and allow you to enjoy the enhanced view that camping above-ground gives you.

    Quick and easy setup: With a rooftop tent, setting up camp is as easy as finding an epic location, putting it in park, and deploying your tent. 

    Stay comfortable: Garanteed flat surface to sleep on, plenty of ventilation, and places to stash your gear, rooftop tents mean a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where your adventure takes you.

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