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GPS Dog Fence w/ Up to 3280 Ft Range


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1000m GPS Dog Fence 100~3280 Ft Range Electric Dog Training Collar for Dogs Vibration Sound Shock Rechargeable Waterproof

Product Description:

This all new wireless GPS pet fence system uses satellites to accurately locate and define the safe area for your pets. The safe area is up to a circle of 1000 meters radius. If your dog wanders out of the safe area the fence system will automatically start stimulating. And the stimulus will immediately stop once your dog comes back to the safe area.


1.Real wireless fence system without any wire and flags layout;

2.Maxium signal range is up to 1000 meters radius with GPS positioning technology;

3.Variety stimulus modes: warning beeper, vibration stimulus and static shock stimulus;

4.Automatically start stimulus once your dog wanders out of the safe area;

5.Flexible and adjustable stimulus intensity from level 0 to levels 9 to fit various size dogs;

6.GPS fence system is rechargeable with built-in battery and waterproof;

7.Visual setup operation on LED touching screen;

8.Magnetic charge port,100% waterproof for all circumstances.


1.GPS fence collar

2.USB charge cable

3.Reflective nylon belt

4.Test light

5. 2 sets conductive pin

6.user’s manual

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